Busecom Consultants

Busecom Consultants is a dynamic company with Level 1 BBBEE rating. On its inception in it was just a Copy Shop, then Company Governance Services and currently it is supplying stationery and Supplies. Stationery & Supply has been indirectly initiated by our existing customers. After an intense analysis it is clear that we are experts since we have been advising our customers on what they need to get going. We have managed to offer utmost quality and at the right price? Busecom has processes and systems in place, which pave direction and assist our employees to make the best choice at all times.


1. We maximize use of our systems
2. Create proper jobs for deserving people
3. Ownership [employees are part of the company, own results]
4. Create an Impact [on customer, company, one another, community]


To empower our customers by providing seamless customer service, impart knowledge and information and deliver products at the right price. Busecom team is determined to evoke synergies for the benefit of its customers in order to attain desired results.